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Canada Basic

Canada is a country, that is famous for the beautiful landscapes and high standard of living. It consistently features as one of the happiest countries on the planet. Canada consists world-class cities such as Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, and Quebec.

As the Canadian degrees and credentials are given significance equivalent to the degrees of U.S. and other European countries, it is favored as one of the biggest study destination worldwide among international students to pursue higher studies.

As the inflation rate of the country is low with compared to the other countries, more than 200,000 international students choose to study in Canada every year. Along with maintaining the best education quality, the universities of Canada charge low fees than their counterparts.

The country is also appreciated for encouraging the multicultural diversity and for creating a hospitable environment. It takes care for the people's customs and traditions maintained well and their dignities are respected.

The educational institutions of Canada always stay at the forefront of technology trends. The country holds popularity for merit in different sectors including telecommunications and engineering, computer and information technologies and transportation.

Canada is well known for a life outside campus too. From the rugged hills to the compelling coastline of the Atlantic Provinces and the wonderful Rocky Mountains of Alberta and Niagara Falls, Canada has so many natural spots to offer.

Offer Letter
Admission process is fairly simple. A Student needs to submit application form, relevant fees and past academic documents along with English proficiency certificate.
You need to purchase a Guaranteed Investment Certificate to fund your living and study expenses for the duration of your stay in Canada.
Work Permit
If you want to work in Canada, you must take work permit. It is a written authorisation issued to a person who is not a canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada.
Pathway to P.R.
If you are living in Canada on a temporary visa and wish to stay in the country permanently, we can help you know different visas and programs that can provide you with permanent resident status.

Canada is popular among international students for many other reasons. This includes:

  • Top-notch universities
  • Great scholarships
  • Internationally recognised degrees
  • Opportunity to work after graduation
  • Safe Environment
  • High Employment rate
  • Plethora of leisure options
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