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Many Indian students are pursuing higher education in foreign countries and have benefited with the financial help for study abroad. As foreign education is being costly day by day, taking an Overseas Education Loan is the best idea to attain finance for the students.

To search the appropriate financial organization to get the loan for the foreign education is somewhat lengthy and tricky process as every financial organization contains specific policies and standards for sanction the loan for the students want to study abroad. We know all the terms and conditions of these financial organizations and are well aware of their procedures, benefits, functioning, and limitation.

  • Suggest the right financial institution
  • loan with lower rate of interest
  • Employment history of the borrower and the co-borrower
  • Country-Specific Counseling
  • Pros and cons of selected financial institution
  • Evaluation of student’s profile
  • Income Tax Benefits
  • Evaluation of Property Papers
  • end-to-end assistance for education loan

We, at gets consultancy services offer best help attaining the right and reasonable financial help after getting the student visa for your ward. The experienced and skilled professionals at gets consultancy helps you different ways to attain the most useful, suitable and cheap solution for the education loan. The Overseas Education Loan Advisor at gets consultancy services suggest the proper financial institution and watch the entire loan process closely to get the appropriate outcome with maximum benefit within the required time frame.


When you are planning for the foreign education, parallel you are thinking about the transaction to be done for fee payment and after that for your day to day expenses. Obviously you will search the best option with which you can transfer local currency to foreign currency with no trouble. Forex is the best suitable option to make your job easier.

  • Safe and easy way to carry currency
  • pin protected cards
  • 24-hour access to your money
  • completely replaceable if the card is stolen or lost
  • highly economical
  • Continual customer care support
  • superior exchange rates

Your study abroad program needs the money transaction and also generate the future transaction need with respect to money. The huge amount of your savings for the foreign education will go through the conversion to foreign currency. At Gets consultancy services, we assist you to buy forex in a safe way. The experienced consultants provide guidance to avail most rewarding and suitable money transfer service.

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