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Education system in UK

The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, known as the UK or Britain, welcomes almost 460,000 international students from around the world each year and believed as the world’s second most popular international study destination. It owns excellent education system. People from many countries around the globe prefer UK for higher education in.

With some subtle differences, the education system varies as per the place or location in UK you choose to study, but apart from the location of study you choose for you, it is sure that you will receive best quality study program from foremost professionals.

Britain is a popular destination in international education with around 162 higher education institutions across the UK. Many of the UK universities and colleges are observed in the imperative education ranking tables.

Different Level of Courses in the UK Education System

Based on the actual education regulations in the UK education system,

The Higher Education in the UK education system comprises these levels of courses:

Postgraduate courses

first degree (Bachelor) is usually required to enter this level.

A Doctorate, Postgraduate diplomas, a Master’s degree (Taught or Research), postgraduate certificates of education (PGCE) and professional degrees.

Undergraduate courses

(first-degree students in specific study fields may suspend their ongoing studies and spend a year studying a field related to their major study subject).

A wide range of first degrees (Bachelor’s) program: the ordinary degrees, enhanced first degrees, intercalated degrees, qualified teacher status

Other undergraduate courses:

Higher National Diploma HND (or equivalent), Foundation degrees, SVQ, NVQ, NHC (or equivalent) etc.

The higher education in the UK education system is having the ample figure of universities that are offering 4-year undergraduate courses, known as “sandwich courses”. This program includes one year in a workplace, usually in your third year.

Some fast-track programs are also offered by some British universities where you can obtain a Master’s degree at the undergraduate level. Students in these programs can attend an additional year of studying instead of taking a Bachelor degree and then admit to a Master program.

In the United Kingdom education system, most syllabi are set by the universities. Even though the syllabi are set by universities, there is the Office for Fair Access (OfFA) to monitor admission process and to see that everyone who wishes to attend university in UK are getting it. They promote fair access to higher education, even for those candidates who are attending university as international students. Fair access also includes those of different nationalities, different races, different cultures and those who have disabilities.

University in UK

Also the highest ranked University of Oxford that owns the 5th place in the world is in Britain. This famous university in Britain is followed by the University of Cambridge and the Imperial College London, at the in 6th and 8th place in world respectively. So, any qualification achieved in the UK will be considered highly internationally.

In the World University Rankings, 2019 the UK has 4 institutions in the top 10 and the also 18 UK institutions in the top 100.

The university system in UK is recognized as the groups or categories with respect to their architecture or to some other specialty. The list includes:

  • Ancient Universities – as the name shows, this university covers the educational institutes and colleges founded before the 1600 years. As for example Cambridge University, Oxford University, St. Andrews University.
  • Russell Group Universities – These universities make an effort to maintain good standard of study, teaching and the best research. It is the group of 24 public research universities. As for example the University of Edinburgh, the University of Birmingham and Durham University.
  • Red Brick Universities –It is interesting to know the meaning of the term ‘red brick’. It is referred to the style of the buildings that is Victorian Architectural Style. As for example University of Leeds, the University of Manchester, and the University of Birmingham.
  • Plate Glass Universities – this is also named as the architectural styles of building, here it is modern architecture. These Plate Glass Universities are preferred to have value education in Britain. These universities established as educational institutes and got the status of granted university status in the 1960s.
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