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Living and spending in UK

With compared to many other study destinations worldwide, UK offers the logical and very comfortable stay for the international students. The majority of Universities are based in and around the UK cities, the largest of which are London, Birmingham and Manchester.

Cost of Studying and Living in the UK

We know the he currency used in the UK is the Pound Sterling (GBP/£). In the UK, for international students, tuition fees are not fixed or governed. They can vary significantly from institution to institution, and each university comes to a decision as per their wish. The tuition fees you have to pay will be dependent on your home country. You are likely to be charged the same as a UK student, if you are coming from an EU country and if you are from any other country, you will have to pay international student fees.

Tuition Fees

Each academic year, the tuition fees for UK/EU students are subject to change and you should confirm that you are aware of how much your course will cost you. In each of these areas, the postgraduate fees for EU students are usually the same for UK students. Depending on the institution, it may be differ for you.

Your tuition fees could be much higher if you are a student coming from outside of the EU. For undergraduate and postgraduate level, you can typically expect to pay somewhat around between £5,000 and £40,000 per annum. If you select to study in UK with an executive education course like an MBA, or a competitive course like medicine, your fees may be on the elevated end of the level.

Your Expenses

When it is about the living cost in UK for an international student, it is suggested that you will have to spend at least £14,000 per year. This cost may cover your travel, rent, groceries and any other required expenses.

International students should be aware of the UK’s referendum on membership of the European Union, also known as ‘Brexit’. Once you learn about the ‘Brexit’, you will come to know that you’re welcome to come and study in the UK for all time.

Cut your expense

If you select to live in the city of London, you should budget for some higher living costs, as it is significantly more expensive than the rest of the UK. Many retailers offer generous student discounts. So if you can prove that you are a student or you show your student card, you can have the advantage of this student discounts to save some money.

Depending on from where you are coming, you may also be able to get a part-time job to increase your funds. This is in general dictating by your visa, and can sometimes have restrictions.

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