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Earning & spending

To make out your living in the New Zealand while studying, the country offers the best prospects that suit you. Student in New Zealand can certainly work at as part-time employee.

Popular part time jobs in New Zealand

  • As an attendant in supermarket
  • Work in the campus library
  • As an attendant in small restaurants.
  • Call center jobs.
  • Work in computer lab
  • Door-to-door marketing

Living Expenses


The students are allowed only to work for up to 20 hours at the time of their ongoing semester excluding the vacation period. In vacation, he/she can work as a full-time employee.


In New Zealand student can work for full-time whenever he/she get a break from the ongoing semester or the academic year. Here, an academic year means a education programme for a minimum of 120 credits during a period of as a minimum eight months that is a minimum of two semesters. The semester break depends upon the holidays that a college gives e.g. Christmas holidays, winter holidays, etc.

If your full-time study programme has a duration of at least eight months, and is a minimum of two semesters, but is less than 120 credits. You can work full-time over the Christmas and New Year holiday period. You do not need to have a job offer.


All students on a student visa in New Zealand can work for up to 20 hours a week during semester and full time during vacations. The minimum wage rate in New Zealand is NZ $14.75 per hour (before taxes) for workers aged over 16. The taxes however can be reclaimed at the end of each financial year through lodging tax returns (values are subject to change in future).

Tuition Fees

The tuition fees vary with universities, colleges vary with courses. Here is the list of a few courses with the estimated range of annual tuition fees.

Undergraduate Courses

  • Arts NZ $10,000 - $12,000 per year
  • Business NZ $12,500 - $15,000 per year
  • Science NZ $12,500 - $18,000 per year

Post-graduate Courses

  • Arts NZ $14,000 - $16,000 per year
  • Business NZ $18,000 - $24,000 per year
  • Science NZ $18,000 - $24,500 per year

Living Expenses

The estimated annual living expenses on top of the tuition fees are about NZ $ 12,000 - 15,000, which includes accommodation, grocery and transportation and also other daily expenses.

This is just a rough idea and the expenses vary with person to person depending upon their lifestyles.

New Zealand is one of most developed countries where the cost of living is lowest.

(Values mentioned above are as per the latest criteria and are subject to change in the near future.)

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